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Dentro; la copa

Lisa Giordano / 29.01.22

Press release:

A4 is pleased to announce 'Dentro; la copa' a Lisa Giordano's (New York, 1992) solo exhibition.

Through her experienced and intimate sensitivity to color, Lisa proposes a series of pictorial objects resulting from an exercise of inner contemplation and the overlapping of chromatic layers. The interior landscapes as well as the color palette are sometimes, consequence of the cold light reflected in the snow and other times of the tropical sun stifled by the undergrowth.

Lisa is interested in the sacred moments of the becoming and the present, the promise and the real presence. Embodied memories in the objects on the nightstand, the table or the sunrise. The "representation" in her work is subordinated to the strangeness and mystery of the dizzy image, it is a kind of mysticism that rebuilds the essence of what is contemplated on the frame.


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